Carpet Cleaning Melbourne CBD

All of our Inner Melbourne and CBD carpet cleaners carry identification, wear fully branded uniform and come in vans fully equipped to clean your carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery. After assessing your carpets and deciding on the most appropriate cleaning agents to use, our cleaners will clean your carpets using the following multi-stage cleaning process.

Multi Stage Carpet Cleaning Process!
Firstly the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed using an industrial vacuum cleaner. The carpet is then pre sprayed with the most suitable environmentally friendly Prochem pre spotter to break down any tough dirt and debris contained within the carpet (please note for heavily soiled carpets and rugs are pre sprayed and cleaned with regular Prochem carpet cleaning products). The carpet is then agitated to increase the efficiency of the pre spray and break down more stubborn stains and dirt.

We then steam clean the carpet or rug using Ashby’s Ninja 400psi Hot Water Extraction system, commonly known as steam cleaning.

We then spot clean the carpet, to remove tough stains such as wine, tar and blood using solvents cleaners made specifically for those types of stains.

Finally the carpets or rugs are sprayed with an environmentally friendly finishing agent to deodorise and bring back the carpets natural colour.

We can then, upon request we can apply Allergy Protection agents or Stainshield Solvent Based Carpet & Upholstery Protector to protect the carpet or upholstery from any nasty spills and deposits of dirt.

We take the business of carpet washing very seriously, all of our carpet cleaners are trained on site prior to which they must complete an intensive course on carpet cleaning and maintenance provided by industry leader Ashby’s and Prochem.

For a free quote give us a call on 0400017305. Or alternatively fill out an quote request form and we will respond by email within an hour!

All of the carpet cleaning we do in Melbourne CBD is comprehensively insured with public and employers liablity insurance. Please be advised that we are unable to guarantee stain removal as this depends on the nature of the stain, how long it has been there and what products have been used to attempt to remove the stain before.

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Courteous, punctual and always reliable, it really helps having such a good cleaning company on board. (Jeff Walker, Apartment owner, Melbourne CBD)